Latitude Management Real Estate Holdings


We are committed to provide unparalleled service. The fiduciary responsibilities we have to to our investors always come first. We are driven to perform competitively and to build long lasting relationships with our clients. 

We are a team of experienced real estate problem solvers. Having invested and managed over $4 billion in real estate equity and debt investments over the past 20 years, our history of proven successes together gives us a unique edge. 

Our professional staff has direct real estate experience and expertise in a broad range of advisory services and is highly regarded for its focus on the fundamentals of market analysis. 

Our investment strategy is to utilize rigorous underwriting to zero in on value-add properties demonstrating sustained rent growth as well as properties with broad demand in primary and secondary markets displaying strong economic growth. We avoid markets with long-term risk profiles by focusing on assets with low, fixed operating costs and diversified tenant bases. 

Latitude is expert in identifying highly capable and experienced local operators; markets with strong growth and supply/demand characteristics supporting high leverage investments; achievable business plans and exit strategies; and opportunities where value increases can be realized over a two-to-five-year period.

Latitude only invests in real estate, bringing a distinct focus and depth of specialized knowledge to the sector.


Thousands of units owned in target markets

Industry-leading asset management and reporting system

Registered Investment Advisor with institutional reporting and audit


Cycle-tested investment committee and seasoned acquisitions team 

Meaningful investment by management

Thoughtful and rigorous underwriting