Latitude Management Real Estate Holdings

Senior management has been working together for more than 20 years.

 Latitude is a private real estate fund manager specializing in multifamily investments. 

Its cycle-tested, vertically integrated management team has a wealth of experience in operating, re-positioning, and underwriting through an equity owner's lens, and has successfully closed over $4 billion in transactions across all primary commercial real estate property types. Latitude aims to generate favorable, risk-adjusted returns for investors through value-add capital improvements, leasing strategies, and active asset management. 

We are committed to providing unparalleled service. 

Our fiduciary responsibilities to our investors is prioritized above all else. We are driven to perform competitively and to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners. 

We are a team of experienced problem solvers. 

Having invested and managed more than $4 billion in real estate equity and debt investments over the past 20 years, our history of proven success together truly sets us apart. Our professional staff has direct real estate experience and expertise in a broad range of advisory services, and is highly regarded for its focus on the fundamentals of market analysis and consistently achievable pairings of business plans and exit strategies.  

We bring a distinct focus and depth of specialized knowledge to our investments. 

Latitude only invests in real estate and is expert in the identification of the most experienced local operators, the supply/demand characteristics that support high leverage investments, opportunities where value increases can be realized over a two-to-five-year period.

Our investment strategy involves the utilization of rigorous underwriting 

to zero in on the value-add properties demonstrating the most sustained rent growth, as well as the properties in primary and secondary markets with the broadest demand and strongest economic growth.